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People Are Now Having Parties Where They Can Catch Coronavirus ON PURPOSE, 25 People Infected So Far


Some morons are hosting “COVID-19 parties” in a boneheaded effort to intentionally catch the deadly virus, officials warned this week.

The Washington state county of Walla Walla reported a new trend has emerged where healthy individuals hang out with an infected person in hopes of contracting and then overcoming the infectious disease. 

“Walla Walla County health officials are receiving reports of COVID-19 parties occurring in our community, where non-infected people mingle with an infected person in an effort to catch the virus,” the county said Tuesday in a press release.

My faith in humanity has been absolutely shattered. Not that I had much faith left but this is obscene.

Pretty much the entire planet is sitting inside so that they WON'T catch the virus. You can call it safety, you can call it fearmongering, you can call it whatever you may like but I feel like I speak for the majority when I say that NO ONE wants this fucking virus. Hence why everyone has been living like fucking hermits for the past two months.

Now I get why they're doing it so that they can get the virus and pass it through their system in the hopes that it makes them immune. I'm not a fucking scientist, so I don't really know but that just seems counterintuitive. You wanna get the virus so that you don't get the virus? It just doesn't make the most sense. 

The range of outcomes in this situation would be too much for yours truly. It's either you have no symptoms at all and you're chilling or you die a very painful death. Sure there are some in-betweens but those don't exactly seem like my idea of fun. 

Meghan DeBolt, director of the county’s Department of Community Health, said they learned about the asinine covidiot practice while conducting contact tracing.

There have been at least 25 people who have come down with the virus after attending these dangerous functions, she said.

The part that kills me is that you know these weirdos who wanted to get coronavirus probably think they're ahead of the curve. These people aren't fucking doctors, they don't know anything about viruses and how they work. For all they know, they could just be giving themselves a death sentence. They're just literal morons. Imagine if someone came up to you (pre-coronavirus) and said:

"Hey man, do you want to come to my flu party so that we can all be sick"

No. Fucking. Chance! Who in the fuck wants to be sick? Being sick is the absolute worst unless you're in middle school and get to miss out on school to watch The Price is Right all day. Even then, it's no fun. Not to mention the fact that they now put everyone they know at risk of getting coronavirus. Those initial days where they'll wait to see if they contracted the virus from said "parties", they are 100% gonna be infecting everyone and anyone they know. Which is just so selfish it unbelievable.

If you're gonna have a fucking party, why make it a coronavirus party? Like this whole lockdown has been about COVID-19 and the way you wanna break lockdown protocol is to give yourself coronavirus? Odd. Very odd. Personally, if I was gonna break out of lockdown it wouldn't be to contract the deadly virus that has the whole world shitting its pants.  That might just be me though, I have no idea.

We very well could be watching natural selection in its finest form.