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"Stuff like this happens, bro" Is The Quote And Mindset We Should All Aspire To Live By

I cannot get enough of Earl Thomas cheating on his wife in an orgy with his brother involved and then having her hold a gun to his head and explaining it as "Stuff like this happens bro". That's the level of chill I aspire to be. I've gotten more chill over the last couple of years- realizing not much in life matters (you know, in the good way) and to not stress the small stuff that is realistically inconsequential to the long term goal of being happy and healthy. It's the new "live, laugh, love". I want it in letters hanging on my wall. 

So I really love what Earl Thomas is saying. Stuff happens. Sometimes you lose your car keys, sometimes life doesn't bounce your way, and sometimes your wife holds a gun to your head, as the great band B*Witched once said, c'est la vie.

Also that song should be played way more. Gonna write a letter to the Caps in house DJ and request it. Need more of it.

But anywho, you can tell in his video he's not happy about it, he knows mistakes were made, but he knows what is done is done and all he can do is move forward. Dwelling on it won't accomplish anything. You gotta learn from it. Also it makes you realize how much crazy shit is going on out there that we know nothing about. That old saying that everyone you meet is fighting a battle you don't know about. It's true. Stuff happens, bro.

So the good news is we now have a go-to line any time something shitty happens. Any time we're caught in a pickle. Why stress? Why get bent out of shape? What good will that do? You can spend your life losing your mind, or you can just sit down, pour a stiff drink, and say "Stuff like this happens, bro".