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Cal Ripken Jr Knows One Way To Get The Astros To Stop Stealing Signs

I'm sure MLB and that fraud commissioner, Rob Manfred aren't thrilled about the Iron Man going on The Takeout Podcast and talking about how they used to handle opposing teams stealing signs against them. Cal simply says if they saw a catcher flash a sign, the runner on second relay the sign to the batter, they would take it into their own hands. The catcher would call a curveball, guy on second relays curveball to the batter, and next thing you know Mike Mussina is throwning 96 under your chin. 

Whoops, just a little sweet chin music! Bet you won't sit on that curveball next time. Their life flashes before their eyes and you can guarantee their reaction will be a bit slow on the next few pitches. We all know heading into the year opposing teams were going to treat the Astros' batters like a piñata and just pelt it all day everyday. Cal lays out exactly how it should happen. You see a guy cheating, send him a message saying "hey, we know what you're doing, and we don't like it." Like Cal said, that trust from the batter to the runner on second is broken, and now he's not sure what to believe and what pitch is coming next. This seems like a surefire way to get in the hitters head, as well as getting them to take a second thought about stealing a sign or 2. No need to bring in the commissioner, front offices, penalties, anything like that. Put some leather under someone's chin and you can guarantee they'll probably stop cheating. Now I'm not condoning beaning someone in the face or head, but you throw that high inside fastball when the batter is expecting a slow, looping curve, and that will do the job. 

Speaking of Cal, we all know he misses Camden Yards and Eutaw Street. I miss it, you miss it, The Yankees and Red Sox fans who flood down to Baltimore definitely miss it. Buy the shirt to show that you do in fact, miss Eutaw Street.