Mike Gorman Wanting To Call The Famous Tommy Point A "Heinie" Is The Best Thing I've Ever Heard

Every Celtics fan knows what a Tommy Point is. In fact it's one of the most prestigious honors an athlete can be awarded in all of sports but especially the NBA. Some might put stock into All Star appearances, All NBA Teams, MVPs, but if you aren't winning Tommy Points, quite frankly you ain't shit. One of the true regrets of my life is how I was never able to find a way to make the Celts roster and attempt to snag my own Tommy Point. I cannot think of a bigger compliment and accomplishment in life.

Why am I even talking about this? Well because Chris Forsberg gave the people what they want and did a whole deep dive with Mike & Tommy about this prestigious award. It's a fantastic read that I recommend every Celtics fan give a look. Out of the whole thing though, this part stood out most to me

Gorman credits Lucey with landing on the name that quickly became ubiquitous with the duo’s broadcasts. Back in the Fox SportsNet New England days, it spawned items like the “Tommy Pint” glass the network gave away to eager viewers.

But the name could have been very different if Gorman had his way.

"I wanted to call it a Heinie — because I thought there was a lot that we could play with there,” said Gorman. "Tom nixed that early on in the process; we were not going to have any Heinies.

Come on Tommy! I dunno why, but word "heinie" makes me laugh. It's probably due to my child like brain, but that would have been such a great name. I can't believe Tommy nixed it. In fact, I would like to start a petition that once the games come back we finish out the season giving out "Heinies" instead of Tommy Points. Now that I know that exists I can't have it be called anything else. 

So who has the most Tommy Points? I dunno how Forsberg dug up all the numbers but here's the top 20

1. Paul Pierce - 139

2. Rajon Rondo - 100

3. Kevin Garnett - 56

4. Marcus Smart - 54

5. Ray Allen - 50

6. Tony Allen - 45

7. Kyrie Irving - 42

8. Jaylen Brown - 40

9. Avery Bradley - 40

10. Isaiah Thomas - 36

11. Kendrick Perkins - 35

12. Glen Davis - 34

13. Jayson Tatum - 34

14. Delonte West - 33

15. Jeff Green - 33

16. Jared Sullinger - 28

17. Kelly Olynyk - 27

18. Brandon Bass - 25

19. Al Horford - 23

20. Evan Turner - 22

The most surprising part of that list is the fact that I cannot remember Jeff Green doing that many good things to the point where he earned 33. That feels wrong but I trust Forsberg's math. Also, shoutout Delonte West, didn't realize he had that many either. I will say I'm, going to need Tatum to step it up a little bit though. I want him challenging Ray by the end of next season. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It doesn't get better than Mike & Tommy. People give them shit for being homers and to that I say grow up. They are the local broadcast. That's what you should want. I saw some list where they were ranked like the 26th duo of all team broadcasters and I spit out my coffee that I was actually drinking. What a loser that person was whoever came up with that decision. Mike & Tommy are the GOATs. Period.