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Who Would Win In A Fight: Me, Or A Murder Hornet?

If you guessed me, then you are correct! Well, at least for this fight. Turns out there are tons of videos on YouTube that have battles between America's most hated bug, and America's most creepy looking bug. My Mom posted a gif on my Facebook this morning (such a Mom move) of my brother/sister eating the living soul out of a Murder Hornet which led me to watching a handful of these fights.

I wouldn't even say this was a fight! My brother was starting down this unlucky Murder Hornet, snatched the hornet in a split second, and presumed to eat him/her up like Matt Stonie eating 100 McNuggets! I actually can't tell if this is my brother or sister because if you don't know, a female praying mantis eats the head off of the male mantis after they mate. Unless this video was edited out, I highly doubt these two inscests had intercouse. But you never know.

This channel has a library full of fights between different insects such as spiders, beetles, and scorpions. Some people bet on marble racing, others bet on insect fighting! While boxers watch movies like Rocky and Creed to gain motivation, I will be watching these videos just in case I have to throw some fangs in the streets of Manhattan. Hopefully that won't happen because I truly stand no chance against anyone. Fuck Murder Hornets, Team Mantis all 2020!