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Neighbor With Lamborghini Gives a Joyride to the 5-Year-Old Who Stole His Parents' Car to Go Buy One

New York Post — Pint-sized speed demon Adrian Zamarripa’s story caught the attention of a neighbor — who offered him a ride in his own Lambo, according to

“He had the courage to just go after what he wanted, you know?” said Jeremy Neves. “He didn’t have the skill set, let alone the size to drive a vehicle, and he figured it out.”

“Maybe he’s getting punished, maybe he’s grounded, maybe he’s got some chores to do … At the same time, I thought it would be really cool to say, ‘Your dreams aren’t as far away as you think they are.’ ”

Well that was fast. Just a couple days after stealing his parents' car in an attempt to drive from Utah to California to buy himself a Lamborghini with the $3 in his wallet, 5-year-old  Adrian Zamarripa got to ride in one that was parked just down the street. It turns out all he needed to do was ask.

A lot of people say, "You have to respect it," but Jeremy Neves means it. He just told Adrian to hop in and take his Lambo for a spin. You can say that we shouldn't glorify that sort of thing, but whatever. It was a nice thing to do for that kid who hopefully learned a lesson.

If you go watch the police dash cam video, this kid actually wasn't too bad of a driver — I would certainly put him in the 99th percentile of 5-year-olds. So luckily nobody else on the road ended up getting hurt and everybody was able to leave this situation safely.

Even on a budget of just $3, this kid got to take his ride in a Lamborghini. It took a little bit of a police detour for a second, but all's well that ends well, I suppose.