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Congrats To Our Rookie Of The Year Tyler Herro - Started Quarantine Tweeting 'Wyd' At Katya Elise Henry, Ended It On An IG Story With Her

What a damn run for our Rookie of the Year Tyler Herro. The man never lacked confidence - see last year's Sweet 16 shot vs Houston. He started Summer League crossing up Grayson Allen. He got in a couple fights. He instantly became one of the most successful rookies in the NBA. 

But really it was this quarantine where he set himself apart. He started it off by shooting his shot on Twitter with Katya Elise Henry. 

Just over a week later, she let the world know she had one thing on her to-do list for the day. That would be Tyler Herro. We're talking sex, people. 

This just goes to show you that sending that tweet is always worth it. Sure you might not be Tyler Herro. You might not be worth millions of dollars. You might not be a long term plan for an NBA team. But have the confidence of Tyler Herro to send those three letters. Wyd. Maybe extend it a bit with you up. You just never know. 

It worked with Katya Elise Henry - this Katya Elise Henry: 

A love story for the ages. What a damn turn of events from that original tweet by Herro to ending up in quarantine with her. The man is still a walking bucket. 

Don't know why, but Mike Breen feels right here