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Elon Musk Hit His Wife With A "Well, Actually" On The Explanation Of X Æ A-12's Name Just 36 Hours After Labor

Finally, we have an explanation. Yeah, sure it makes the whole thing a little bit more confusing, but at least we have an explanation for X Æ A-12. 

X.....the unknown variable. Okay, that's just postmodern bullshit, but I get it. Whatever. 

Æ...what the hell is elven spelling? I guess it's how elves spell? Has anyone ever heard of that? No, really, elven that a thing I should've known about? This kid being named after AI is perfect because Elon will probably just ship it off to Mars at some point anyway. 

A-12.....This has something to do with an aircraft. I would hate to be named after an aircraft, but I'm not X Æ A-12. We thought it was the SR-17, which turned out to not be the case because Elon gave his wife a "well, actually" 48 hours after completing labor:

What a move by Elon. Only he could pull off something like that. 

(Side note: does this baby have a last name? or is it just X Æ A-12? X Æ A-12 Musk just doesn't roll off the tongue)

Now we are just waiting on the proper pronunciation of the kid's name. I was about to say "god bless his teachers" but then I remembered this kid is probably never going to school. He'll be homeschooled with a 160 IQ thanks to the Tesla batteries he eats for breakfast. Then he'll go live on Mars.