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AUDIO: A Supreme Court Virtual Oral Argument Gets Interrupted by a Toilet Flush

Two things. One, I'm glad to see the highest court in the land and one of our three, independent branches of government is in the capable hands of people with the wisdom and judicial temperament to not only listen to a plaintiff's argument while on the bowl, but also to offer his/her fellow justices a courtesy flush. Just because you're laser focused on weighing the scales of justice in the most important cases in the nation doesn't mean your fellow justices need to put up with your brand. 

Secondly, I'm also glad to hear they obviously have the best toilets on the market. I toured the Supreme Court building once. And while it's an impressive, historic place, you can also appreciate that it's old. It needs constant maintenance and upgrades if its going to last as long as our republic. And I want nothing but the best for them. The are doing the vital work of protecting our rights and enforcing the principles of the Constitution. You don't want the august body who decided Brown v. the Board of Education and Marbury v. Madison and almost heard Tom Brady v. 0.5 PSI in Some Footballs to be using one of those cheap, 1.7 liter water-saving three-flushers they sell at the home supply overstock place. 

And it sounds to me like they've got the cream of the crop. The King of Bowls. A Ferguson. The Stradivarius of toilets. And they can play it like a violin. 

You don't want those toilets that's not worthy of the name. That when you flush them, they make a weak, almost apologetic sound. You want one that goes "Ba-WHOOSH!" And whether you lean more toward Brett Kavanaugh or RBG, you can agree that was a man's flush. One that says "I'm a toilet. Sit down and give me your best shot." 

I've never been prouder of my federal judiciary.