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Gary Neville Says The Premier League Is Going To Blackmail Teams Into Returning To Play With The Threat Of Relegation

[Source] - “They are somehow trying to get to an agreed position but it really is getting dirty behind the scenes - that we’ll relegate you if you don’t play.

“The clubs at the bottom were always going to get bullied by the rest of the league into playing.”

The Prem’s bottom six clubs are believed to have told league bosses they will only play at neutral venues IF relegation is scrapped this season.

Oh hell yeah, this is what we were missing. We needed blackmail in sports. I can't say I'm surprised it's coming across the pond and the Premier League - allegedly of course. The Premier League is a bit like the NCAA where the top programs are always going to dominate it. Sure the small schools matter for the sake of bowl games and the NCAA Tournament. But the real money maker are the major conferences. Premier League relies on the Big 6. 

Plus the whole 'THIS LEAGUE' thing is really true over in European soccer. There is always some crazy shit going on there. So blackmail? Yeah, that's not shocking. If they are split and all the major clubs want to play, guess what the league is going to say? Hint: it's we're playing. 

It's the ultimate power move. Oh you don't want to play? Well you're kicked out of the damn league! Sure, it's not the best way to go about life. But you want to pull a power move, you do that. You just blackmail professional sports clubs into playing a league after a pandemic. 

Give me all the drama. Give me all the blackmail claims. Fuck it, we don't have anything else right now until sports really pick back up. So I'll follow along for the crazy accusations.