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Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Being Released To Help Kill Off Their Own Species

On today's Hard Factor News, it's WTF Wednesday, a show fueled by the Hardo Hive, for the Hardo Hive.  It's a special episode today as our hosts are joined by Barstool's resident Emcee and Philly Phuck boy, Rone.  

Today's episode covered a story that came out of the EPA last week, where permission was granted to researchers allowing them to release genetically modified mosquitoes in the Houston area and the Florida Keys. The new generation of X-Men-like mosquitoes are designed to curve the spread of mosquito-borne viruses by rapidly increasing the population and then eradicating it.  The British based biotech company, Oxitec Ltd., dubbed their new design the "2nd Generation Friendly" mosquitoes, which makes me think, what the fuck happened to the 1st generation!?

The mosquitoes are made to essentially produce offspring that die instantly and prevent the species that mostly carry the major mosquito-borne viruses from reproducing.  It's only the female offspring that die instantly though, and it occurs in a late larva stage.  The male offspring that survive will then repopulate with the remaining females and help decrease the population while producing a new group of mosquitoes that will not transmit viruses. 

Fewer mosquitoes, designed to be friendly and bite less, and a decrease in the spread of disease.  Sounds pretty good right? I thought so too, and then I saw this...

That's a quote from Policy Director Jaydee Hanson from the center for Food Safety, and I don't know what she has to do with mosquito testing, but if that's true, then FUCK. THIS.  As if Murder Hornets and Coronavirus aren't enough, we certainly don't need another big-time lab developed fuck up spreading mass disease all over the country.  On the bright side, thankfully, Oxitec’s first trial in Brazil had a 96% suppression rate of the target species of mosquito and no reported claims of the fucked up enhanced ones.  

Watch the full story covered on today's episode of Hard Factor News, and catch all-new episodes Monday-Friday.  Your daily dose of News Cocaine.  

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