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VIDEO: Checking In On Georgia Reopening.....HOLY DROP KICK

Georgia has been the talk of the news recently. Are they opening up too early? That's not for me to say, but if this video shows us anything: things eventually will get back to normal. 

This looks like a mall parking lot. I wasn't sure if this was pre or post coronavirus, but due to this mall cop wearing a mask? I can safely assume that this video was taken recently:

Nice to see this man was doing his job, while also focused on not spreading the virus. 

Now, let's get to the main part of this video. The flying kick. I got to say, the body control by the fella in the jersey was phenomenal:

At this point, I thought he was going for the knockout. Cold-blooded, right to the face. Instead, this man decided to take it easy on the girl in the orange. Connected with the mid-section. All things considered, not that bad. 

He could've gone full Antonio Brown, but he didn't:

As they say....Nature is healing. We will return back to normal soon.