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Did Tua Pick The Wrong Number To Wear With The Dolphins?

Not sure how I feel about this. Wearing #1 as a QB is betting against history. No QB has won the Super Bowl wearing #1. It's almost a death sentence. Cam Newton is the most recent QB to go to a Super Bowl wearing #1 and we saw what happened there. If he was a #14 or #12, would he have dove for this fumble late in the 4th quarter?

Who is to say. 

My uncle once told me he has a theory that QBs under the number 5 just do not win Super Bowls. It's science. When he told me that, there was only one QB to win a Super Bowl with a jersey number below the number 5: Brett Favre. Since I was told that by my uncle, we've seen Russell Wilson and Joe Flacco win a Lombardi. That makes it just 5% of QBs have won a Super Bowl wearing a number lower than 5 in the history of the NFL. 

I get that Tua couldn't wear 13 (Dan Marino), but maybe 14? Or even 8? You're betting against history, Tua!