Miami Dolphins Unveil Plans for a Season With Fans

New York Post — Dolphins CEO/president Tom Garfinkel displayed mock-ups of new entrances into the stadium that would help people adhere to social distancing guidelines, during a Monday segment of “Good Morning America.” 

“We would have times to come in for security at different gates so people would be separated out, in terms of when they enter the stadium,” Garfinkel said Monday in an interview on “GMA”. “We would exit the stadium much like a church environment, where each row exits so people aren’t filing out all at the same time in a herd.”

This will absolutely never work, but I am appreciative that the NFL and its organizations are still trying to produce a product somewhat resembling normal when seemingly everything else in the country is eager to shut down forever.

The idea of only having 15,000 fans at Dolphins games is certainly achievable, given the fact that they're about at that number for most games anyway. Hell, for the University of Miami, that would be a generous improvement.

But if you think you're going to get people to exit row by row after an NFL game, you are sorely mistaken. If this is the kind of thing that's going to have to happen to have fans at games this year, then I guess it's just not feasible. I have no idea what kind of church Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel has been to in the past, but it ain't any church in the South, because I can promise you there is not one church down here that doesn't have everyone rushing out the door as soon as that last prayer is finished to get to Sunday lunch before the crowd hits.

You would get through one game with this plan and then I imagine it would have to be scrapped, but I appreciate the effort. We need more of this energy. For once, other organizations should take a look at some ideas from the Dolphins.