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Of Course The Lopez Twins Were Cut Out Of The Bucks Group Texts And FaceTime Because They Don't Have iPhones

[Source] - When guys are able to return to the team's practice facility and continue playing basketball, the Lopez brothers will have missed out on the jokes, FaceTime calls and other comments within the group chat. It doesn't bother them one bit, though.

"We're the weird twins in our own little corner," Robin said, laughing.

Of course and I mean OF COURSE the Lopez twins are the only ones without iPhones. They are for sure the weird twins, no doubt about it. Robin Lopez hates mascots. They love things like Star Wars and movies and things like that. Shit, just look at some of these headlines we have on our site about them: 

I usually live by the way of not giving a shit about what people think. I'm very much eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, wear whatever you want, because who cares? But as someone stuck in way too many group texts I simply can't support people not having iPhones. Do you know how annoying it is when you try to send a video of something - ESPECIALLY when you have a kid - and one person in the group text has an Android or Google phone so you have to send it separately to them since it distorts the group text video? 

On the flip side, there's no doubt the Lopez twins love this. They are weirdos and I can 100% see them texting each other about how much they love not being in a group text. They are probably just texting each other about Star Wars or really just what I assume Clem and Robbie's text chain looks like.