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Wake Up With Spiderwebs

I remember being pretty young when No Doubt burst on the scene and being pretty confused because I had quite literally never heard a woman be the lead singer of a band before. It was so different to hear as an 8 year old. And weirdly, we still rarely at all see women lead singers of rock bands now. Hayley from Paramore is the only in recent times that is up on the Mount Rushmore, with Stevie Nicks leading the way. But man, Gwen hasn't stopped being electric since 1996. 25 years ago! Crazy how time flies. What an incredible talent Gwen Stefani is. Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't get the credit she deserves for the musical genres she transcended over the years. Ska, pop, rock, hip hop, and everything in-between. Now she's making millions doing The Voice, her Vegas residency, and all the other stuff she's a part of. Good for Gwen Stefani, man. I'm going to guess whatever the internet reports her net worth as we could double it and that'd be much closer. All time legend.