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Which NFL Team Do You Think Signed Trey Adams, The Undrafted O-Line Prospect That Said If He Could Change One Things About Himself It'd Be Having A Bigger Dick?

I know this isn't exactly breaking news since the NFL Draft wrapped up like 10 days ago. But I randomly remembered this blog and wondered what happened to my pal Trey. So I went on Twitter to see where he had ended up and left with a little chuckle because it all made perfect sense.

Lets look at the clues in Trey's viral video. In that quote, Trey revealed himself as:

- Slightly flawed if not super relatable 

- Honest about where he stands in life, which makes us love him even if we have no affiliation to his team

- Enjoys engaging in casual dick talk



Ahhhhh yes. The Football Gods pretty much wrote Trey Adams going to Buffalo in the stars the minute that video hit the internet. Name me another bunch of people that would embrace Trey more than the wonderful wildlings that throw their bodies into tables and inside each other at those Orchard Park parking lots? You can't. At worst, I can see a big guy with long hair named Trey Adams settling in the Greater Buffalo area when his NFL dream is over and enjoying some nice Labatts with the good Zubaz wearing folks of the area for the rest of his days. And at best, I can see a tiny dildo with the name Trey Adams being thrown on the New Era Field every Sunday for the rest of Trey's illustrious career with nothing but health and All Pros ahead. 

UPDATE: It turns out Trey Adams made his own hype video for becoming a Buffalo Bill. It was truly his destiny.

Godspeed to Trey Adams and God bless the good folks of #BillsMafia for bringing a smile to this old smut bloggers face during these trying times.