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New Wake Forest Head Coach Steve Forbes Is Trying To Keep A Player At His Irrelevant, Loser Program By Making Fun Of Kentucky's Education

Wait, what the fuck is this? Steve Forbes, a guy I said I like, coaching the team that I cheered for as a kid out here mocking Kentucky? Well, bad news for you Stevie, you just made a fucking mortal enemy. 

That's right I grew up a Wake fan. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I just cheered for the team my pops made me cheer for - the school he went to, Wake Forest. But once I became old enough to make my own decision, visited the University of Kentucky on a beautiful July day with a smoke blonde as the tour guide, I knew where I wanted to go and the moment I decided that I cheered for MY college. I didn't give a fuck about the 'academics' because they were an accredited journalism program with a top student paper and the best basketball program in the history of the sport. 

But let's move on. Steve Forbes, who coached at illustrious ETSU and graduated from prestigious Southern Arkansas University, trying to recruit by making an education joke? Maybe that's why Wake Forest is a bottom feeder in the ACC. Maybe that's why they are completely irrelevant right now. Maybe that's why he celebrated like this 

Now this is directly linked to Olivier Sarr - the big man who entered the transfer portal and is linked to Kentucky. It makes sense what Forbes is trying to do. Except, Sarr should care about winning. You don't win at Wake Forest unless Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, etc are around. Winning at Wake Forest is making (and losing) the play-in game for the NCAA Tournament. 

Maybe Forbes needs to understand what weight class he's in now. Start by trying to compete with the likes of Pitt or Boston College or other programs that have zero chance of winning. Then finish in the top-10 of the ACC. Once you get there, maybe you can compete with someone like NC State for recruits. 

I didn't care about Olivier Sarr being a Kentucky Wildcat until this moment. Now I need John Calipari to assert dominance. I need a pissed off Coach Cal just stomping on Wake's grave while I continue to work at a dream job with this Kentucky education.  

Then again, Forbes knows all about not winning shit thanks to his time at Tennessee.