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This Twitter Thread Comparing Dennis Rodman To Moira Rose From 'Schitt's Creek' Is Art At Its Finest

I know Twitter threads are rather annoying. It's typically someone bitching about something pointless and getting zero attention. That said, this? This isn't just a Twitter thread. It's art. You see that picture above. Pretty spot on. Dennis Rodman has been one of the stars of The Last Dance. Whether it was him and Carmen Electra (the true star), going to Vegas, his story as a Piston or Bull, he's been everywhere. 

Then there's Moira Rose - the matriarch of Schitt's Creek. Talk about a great show that it seems everyone has finally watched, she's something to say the least. 

Pretty similar. But let me tell you, I was caught off guard to say the least looking through these comparisons. It's gold, Jerry, gold! 

My personal favorite

Moira Rose about to get a 4 point, 20 rebound game here

Both planning a trip to Vegas

Just an all-time look from both here

It's called fashion, ever heard of it? 

Married to the game? Nah, I'm married to myself

Honestly, who wouldn't want to party with this crew? 

Norm McDonald voice See it's funny because it's a big hat

Honestly, this might be my favorite thing to come out of The Last Dance. Just a perfect Twitter thread between two wild cards. If you haven't watched Schitt's Creek yet, just go ahead and do it. It's simply fantastic. Plus Alexis Rose is an absolute rocket.