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Metta World Peace aka Panda Friend aka Ron Artest Decided To Change His Name Again After He Got Married

[Source] - The ex-Lakers forward, formerly known as Ron Artest, revealed the latest moniker swap on "Inside the Green Room with Danny Green" this week ... saying the newest change was to honor his wife, Maya Sandiford.

"I actually took my wife's last name and ended it in my last name," Metta said.

I love this move. Why? Because he just keeps changing with the times. To think Ron Artest, the catalyst for the Malice at the Palace, went to Metta World Peace to Panda Friend to taking his wife's last name. That's a man that you want in the foxhole with you, because I sure as shit don't want to be on the opposite end of a punch

Not only that but from a husband move? It's genius. Whenever she starts complaining about something he can drop the 'well I took your last name, how many other husbands would do that?' move. That's an A+ card to pull. She's upset that Becky in the office got flowers and she didn't. Well, I bet Bob didn't take Becky's last name. 

Artest, err Snadiford-Artest, needs another documentary or something. He became more known for being a wild card people forget just how fucking good he was at St. John's and early on. Just another guy the Knicks missed on too. Remember he claims he was offered $35,000 to throw a game at St. John's. I 100% believe that story by the way. There's just 0 chance Artest would do that. The dude was a competitor.

Congrats to Metta on the marriage though! 

Name rankings:

4. Metta Sandiford-Artest

3. Metta World Peace

2. Ron Artest

1. Panda Friend

PS: Still the best Artest clip