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Where's The Beef? Not At Wendy's Apparently!

It's a damn good time to be a cow! 

Thanks to COVID-19, a large number of meat suppliers all across the nation have temporarily closed their doors, leaving us in a meat shortage. Groceries stores have already started to limit customers on the amount of beef they can buy and now it's Wendy's turn. (credit: CNN)

The fast-food chain says some menu items are unavailable, and one analyst estimates nearly one in five of Wendy's restaurants are out of beef. Around 1,000, or 18%, of Wendy's 5,500 US restaurants are not serving any hamburgers or other meat-based items, according to an analysis of online menus at every location conducted by financial firm Stephens. 

Honestly, I can't even tell you the last time I had a burger from Wendy's. If I'm getting my Wendy's on, I'm going chicken nuggets, a spicy chicken sandwich, and a Frosty (not because I think they're fantastic, but because it feels like I have to get a Frosty if I'm there). In fact, it's been so long, I can't even remember if their burgers are good. What I do remember (and will never forget thanks to the "Where's the Beef?" ads) is that they use fresh beef and apparently it's this secret weapon that's hurting their supply.

Wendy's is "more exposed" to the shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic because of its reliance on fresh beef compared with its competitors, the note said… The severity of Wendy's shortages depends on the "geographic nature of processing plant closures," wrote Stephens analyst James Rutherford. In states such as Ohio, Michigan and New York, around 30% of Wendy's are out of fresh meat. Other states, like Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana, aren't affected.

Makes you want a Wendy's burger, doesn't it? I mean, if the standard of their product is so high, they aren't able to provide it with closures, that tells you exactly how fresh their meat is. 

Which is more than you can say about Mickey D's…

McDonald's (MCD) CEO Chris Kempczinski said last week it hasn't experienced a "single supply chain break" and there aren't any shortages.

No surprise there. You can't have chain breaks in the supply if the supply isn't actually beef! 

Kinda genius if you think about it; McD's prides itself on deliciousness and only talks quality when they absolutely have to. Then during times like this, they can brag about how they haven't been affected at all, which makes them sound like they have their shit together, instead of just having really low standards. (Mmm… quarter pounder with cheese….)

Anyways, congrats to Wendy's on having standards so high, they're willing to take a loss on them.