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Martin Garrix Casually Just Did a Live Set Cruising Down An Amsterdam River On a Boat

Martin Garrix has been one of the MVPs of this quarantine. Dude's been putting on incredible live sets to entertain the masses stuck at home and been crushing them. First he went on his roof top. He actually had the cops called on him because they thought he was throwing a party. That delayed the set a bit, but then he got going once he filled them in that he was by himself. 

Then he did one from the top of the A'Dam Tower in Amsterdam. Decent view....

Now he's on a boat cruising down a river in Amsterdam. King shit. Dude is just living life. 

If we're going off strictly trends here I'm expecting Garrix to be on the moon for his next set. Straight up outer space. Just a quick YouTube notification that tells me the broadcast is starting in 5 minutes and then boom he's in a space ship looking down on Earth. This man has no limits. 

Also don't shit on Garrix for breaking any laws because he's following all of them from my understanding. He's practicing social distancing and staying away from close contact which Amsterdam is obviously stressing. Even the boats were keeping their distance. That was just cool. 

This song officially comes out May 14th for his birthday I believe, but it's out on YouTube now. Big fire.