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CRAZY Video Of Darren McFadden Passed Out Then Driving Into A Whataburger Before Getting His Windows Smashed In And Arrested For DWI

I remember seeing this story about Darren McFadden getting arrested for drunk driving at a Whataburger last year and didn't even blink twice.

I'm not sure if I was numb to that story because I've seen way too many mughhots of people arrested for drunk driving, I've seen way too many ex-Cowboys arrested for a litany of crimes, or I've never tasted Whataburger and can't fathom how crazy it is someone would pass out before getting their food. But holy shit that video hit different than the mugshot. 

I think it's fair to say that many of the people reading this blog have had their fair share of crazy nights where they passed out in weird places and maybe acted a bit aggressively when they were woken up from their slumber by a total stranger. Where things get a little different is RUN DMC jamming on the gas like he has 5 stars in GTA and driving directly into a solid building as cops try to rip him out of the car by trying to smash in his windows made of something significantly stronger than McFadden's hamstrings. It always seemed like McFadden left a good amount of yardage on the field during his playing days before contact from defenders would put him on the shelf, which is exactly what happened when he pleaded guilty to DWI in February of this year that landed him *checks notes as eyes bulge out of head* FOUR days in jail. I know Avon Barksdale once said you only do two days in prison, the day you go in and the day you go out. But I think Darren McFadden should thank the Lord every day he only had to do four days for what went down in that video and that he hit the side of a concrete building instead of a glass door, a car, or a human.

TL;DR - Don't fucking drink and drive like an asshole