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Mario Lemieux Stats In Junior Are BANANAS

This, this stat right here, might be my favorite sports stat of all time. Mario Lemieux was so good that his linemate finished 2nd in the league in scoring and the entire world was like "that guy actually sucks" and he never played hockey again. It's like I literally could've been Mario's linemate and scored 200 points. A guy who couldn't go one shift in the pond hockey tournament who would be finalist in the scoring race just by drinking out of the same water bottle as Lemieux. 

Recently I've been telling myself that Crosby might be the better player. This was a reality check. I don't care if guys get more points, more Cups, more girls, whatever. Mario was so good that a cop scored 200 points playing on his wing. Discussion over. That guy probably never even lead a beer league in scoring again and Lemieux basically put him in the record books. Incredible. Put him on the Mount Rushmore forever with Gretzky and Orr