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Would You Rather Win A COD Game By Camping Or Lose With Dignity & A Bunch Of Sick Clips?

Look at these poor fucks! I mean look at the end of that video! Is it even worth winning if you're just gonna sit in the back corners of the map huddled up? That's no fun. Think about this...when Barry Bonds lays his head down to sleep at night do you really think he's proud at the way he became the Home Run King? Of course not.

Which leads to my question that I know my answer to. Would you rather die standing or live on your knees? I'd rather die rushing like a hero and getting some cool friggen clips while at it. 

You're not gonna get this type of clip from someone that doesn't have 2k+ throwing knife kills under his belt...and you know who has 2k+ throwing knife kills under his belt? Yours truly!

And please watch this and tell me this isn't the most seamless 2 rounds of Gunfight you've ever seen someone play. Can't be more demoralizing to Jeff D & Smitty than to be beaten to death & sniped right in the head back-to-back games by the same guy. Rough look.