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'Beer Fairy' Caught On Doorbell Cam Delivering Gifts To An Ohio Home


The tooth fairy may not be real, but thankfully there’s a beer fairy.

A woman in Ohio was recently surprised to find a couple of mysterious care packages appearing on her doorstep. When she checked her doorbell camera to find out who dropped off the gifts, she probably wasn’t expecting to see what the cameras had captured:

Brooke Baxter, from Tallmadge, recorded two videos off the mysterious care packages being dropped off at her house and later shared them on her Facebook page. Normally, it would be disconcerting to see someone dressed as a pig had visited your house in the middle of the night, but at least this mysterious person came bearing gifts.

Man, quarantine has really changed the world. Before everyone was confined to their house due to the coronavirus, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone just going around giving out gifts. Quarantine has really driven people... to be nice? Oddly enough I would've expected the complete opposite of people going around giving out unsolicited 'gifts'. Rioting, thieving, hamburgaling, things of that nature. Stuff you'd expect to see in the Purge, not real life. But no, people are sticking to their niceness.

I, for one, am not a fan of anonymity. Like if you're gonna give me a gift without me expecting it, at least tell me who you are. The last thing I need is to unexpectedly open a package and get a cream pie to the face like I'm Elmer fucking Fudd.

I'd appreciate the gesture but if I don't know where it came from, I'm not exactly gonna take my chances with some random package on my doorstep. Much less a package that I just watched get delivered to me via a theatrical performance on my doorbell cam. It almost makes me angry in a way, how nice this guy is. Like how about you stop being such a hardo and stay inside like the rest of us. No need to upstage the rest of society with your anonymous gifts. 

The second video shows someone wearing an oversized T-rex outfit (a get-up which has become increasingly popular over the last few years) dropping off a similar package.

Baxter also shared photos of the packages’ contents, which apparently contained candy, snacks and toys and games for kids. The mysterious benefactors also included cans and bottles of beer and wine. (It appears that the beer fairy is little more generous than your average tooth fairy.)

Now obviously it's hard to get mad at unsolicited gifts but come on. TWO gift deliveries?! To the same house?! One delivery would be too much, let alone two. This gifter not only shows up with more goodies, but he does so in one of those big TREX costumes too. It's also very much a possibility that this is a second beer fairy. Yes, it is entirely possible there is a gaggle of fairies in Ohio dropping off gifts. Yes, I am just as concerned as you. 

Sidenote - Now, this may just be me but I despise the inflated TREX costumes. Possibly due to the fact that as I was still in high school they became popular, so you saw about 20 kids who thought they were so funny and original waltz into school wearing the things. Sure, they were a guaranteed laugh every time an adult saw you but the real ones knew it wasn't funny or quirky in the slightest bit.*

I get that this is probably just someone's friend simping hard for them but are two deliveries necessary? One gift delivery is a nice gesture, it shows someone you're thinking about them but two deliveries seems a bit much. You start to trend towards "psycho ax murderer" after the second gift drop off. Total stalker/serial killer vibes from multiple 'gift' packages. Also, you can't go around calling yourself the 'beer fairy' if you only deliver beer to one person. Sorry, rules are rules. It would be different if this person was hooking up the entire neighborhood but you can't go around calling yourself the beer fairy after delivering a six-pack to your buddy.

I don't know, I'm just really out on this as a whole. If you really want to show someone you care about them during these trying times, a good ole fashioned $5 Venmo does the trick. It lets someone know you're thinking about them without you having to even leave your bed. That way they can buy whatever they want and don't have to deal with the pressure of accepting a gift they hate.