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Somebody Needs To Sign These Spikeball Players To A Max Contract By Yesterday

Okay so no offense or anything but that was more impressive than anything that has ever happened in baseball history. Besides maybe when Randy Johnson hit that bird. But other than that, this Spikeball highlight beats everything to ever come out of that game. Yet somehow, some way, Bryce Harper gets to be a $330 millionaire and these dudes are down $50 after having to purchase the game. And I love Bryce Harper. I would die for that man right now. But if what he does is worth $330 million, then I think somebody needs to write these kids a check for at least $750,000 right now just based on principle alone. 

Now with all that being said, I think we also need to set up some rules here if we are starting to have professional Spikeball players. The same way you would never see Connor McDavid show up to your beer league hockey game, I feel like if you're capable of making this play then you shouldn't be allowed to just Spike it up with the boys on the beach in the summer. You shouldn't be allowed to show up to a backyard bbq and just hop on the net real quick. If you're this nasty at Spikeball, you're no longer allowed to play against anybody else who typically plays the sport with a beer in their hands. So then I guess you have to ask yourself what is more important to you. The $750,000 or being able to have yourself a kick ass Saturday day drink sesh with the boys on the beach on 4th of July. Honestly I don't think you can put a price on that. 

Sidenote: Shoutout to that kid in the yellow shirt for blowing it at the end. Would have been a real shame if one of the craziest highlights in sports history was ruined because it didn't end up being a point. 

***JORDIE'S UPDATE***: Okay so I blame the fact that this video quality makes 2006 YouTube look like HD but at first I thought that shot by yellow shirt hit the rim to lose the point. Apparently not. Either way, yellow shirt can get bent. Also I won't edit my original sidenote out of the blog because I'm a man of integrity.