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The NC Dinos Were Flipping Bats, Tossing Gems, And Their Mascot "Swole Daddy" Was Dropping Big Ol' Dino Dick On Opening Day In A 4-0 Win Over The Samsung Lions

As the old saying goes: You hang'em, Park Sok-min and Mo Chang-min will bang'em, with more strength than a coked up stegosaurus on Andro. Bat flips and back-to-back jacks. That's what the NC Dinos do! Oh yeah and they twirl the pearl with Drew Rucinski going 6 strong while scattering 3 hits with the bullpen only giving up 2 walks in relief. Not only is baseball #back but so are motherfucking dinosaurs. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mother Earth.

I'll admit that the only reason I chose the Dinos is because I love dinosaurs (who the fuck doesn't?) and they easily had the coolest name in the entire KBO.

But now that I'm a diehard Dinos fan, I cannot get enough of them. The are mashers that drip swagger out their ass after home runs, a bullpen that doesn't gag the lead away, and the two best mascots in the league.

Yeah that's right, one of our TWO dinosaur mascots is named Swole Daddy, which pretty much just made you a Dinos fan as well. I am even able to overlook Aaron Altherr being on the team after he was an absolute zero for the Mets during his time on the team last season. 

I'm still not sure what NC means, so I'm gonna call them the North Carolina Dinos for now. And as a Mets fan, I realize how quick things can spiral out of control after an Opening Day win. But it's nice to put the first win of the season in the books after Game 1, even if I didn't see one second of the game because the 1 AM(!!!) first pitch was pushed back due to rain because 2020 is the worst year ever.

If you want to join the Dino Pack, you better do it now. Because the hunt for whatever the fuck they call the World Series in Korea has begun.