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A College Hoops Player Shattered The Backboard Into A Zillion Pieces At Edgerrin James House

Gotta be one of the most badass feelings not just in sports, but in life. I don't care how old you are, how good you are at the sport or anything like that. If you break a backboard on a 10ft hoop into a zillion pieces you feel like THE MAN. You know it's not some shitty hoop either. You're hooping at Edge's house, a camp area that he brings in kids from the area to keep them out of trouble. He's not going to go cheap on the equipment here. 

I'll say this though. How the fuck is there not a bigger reaction from those playing with him? The one guy just brushes some glass out of his hair. Not one person is going to go hands on the head? No one is going to do the run away move? 

I know dunks can be overplayed. But breaking a backboard in half, especially when you're at Edge's house, is not overplayed. Do you remember how damn good Edge was? 

Breaking a backboard just always plays.