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The Murder Hornet Is A Fraud, Japanese Honeybees Just Cook Their Ass To Death

2020 is off to a hot start. January felt like we were on the verge of WW3. Remember that? People were actually saying that after the United States bombed that Iranian general. That bombing was going to set off a chain of events that led to WWIII. Seems like a lifetime ago. Then in February all of Australia caught on fire. pandemic. April, the government confirmed UFOs buzzing our tower. Now May rolls around and you're thinking what could be worse...well now we have a hornet that can kill people with just a few stings. 10-15 years ago, this would've been no problem at all. We would've been prepared. You just roll up a Sports Illustrated or your favorite magazine and Sammy Sosa that bug across the room. Now, we've moved into a digital world with no magazines and we are left utterly defenseless against the Murder Hornet. 

Turns out though...nature has already figured this out problem. Honeybees in Japan have evolved to kill these motherfuckers with their own body heat in what is maybe the coolest nature video I've seen on the internet in sometime. 

Shaking their ass in unison until the murder hornet dies from the heat. Unfuckingbelievable. When the bees swarmed the hornet I jumped back from my computer screen and gasped. It was incredible. With the music, the shaky camera work, and the sheer horror it was like Blair Witch met Planet Earth. Now we have the game plan. If you see a murder hornet, don't panic. Go get the blowdryer out of the bathroom and turn the heat up high. Trap that bitch underneath it and air fry them. They can't take the heat. It's the hole in their death star. That's the playbook. I can't wait until a murder hornet tries to step to me. That thing will be fucked.