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David Chase Scored The Sopranos Perfectly

***SPOILERS*** though if you haven't seen the Sopranos yet, that's on you, the shows 20 fucking years old. I felt remiss to wake up with this today and I can't get the scene out of my head now that I'm doing a Sopranos rewatch

Which is what I'm obviously taking part in again. I have one episode left before I finish it off and a few things stuck out to me. I didn't realize how much I hate literally every character. Just reprehensible humans top to bottom. Sure, Paulie is funny and Christopher seemed like he had a good heart in a Jesse Pinkman kinda way but there's not one character in the show I feel bad for, not in the least.

That is other than Adriana La Cerva. What a girl. True ride or die chick, which ironically enough was the reason for her demise. Wish she would have had the balls to kill Chrissy herself. But what struck me the most was how well the scene where she got whacked was scored. The song playing when they're driving down the turnpike to her own grave has this song playing in it 

and it fit the entire scene as perfectly as any song has fit any scene in any show I've ever watched IMO. Just hits you right in the soul. And as far as the scene itself, still one of the best/most powerful in TV history, even in spite of the subject matter. One of the very few characters in the show that's not a complete and total piece of scum gets sent off inn the saddest possible fashion. Goddamn does this scene hit me in the gut every time I watch it and David Chase set the scene perfectly with the music he chose to play in it. 

I have two orders I would like to make:

1. If you haven't watched the Sopranos, drop everything you're doing and watch it asap
2. Learn to hate the characters as much as everyone else does

One of the very best TV shows of all time. Just love hating those gabagool fuckwads