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Doc Rivers Expects The NBA To Go Right To The Playoffs, But Wants The Current 7-10 Seeds To Have A Play-In Tournament For The Last Spots

You know what? I'm actually all in on this. We didn't get the NCAA Tournament and you know what the best thing in the world is? Win or go home games. So slap a 1-game tournament to determine the 7 and 8 seeds in each conference. Current 7 plays 10, 8 plays 9, winners move on for the 7/8 seeds. Give us the little taste of the tournament feel before going on to the regular playoffs. That said, I'd still shorten the playoffs. First round should be best of 5 max. 

It's been talked about for quite some time now how the NBA doesn't want to just straight up cancel the rest of the season. We have owners, players, coaches, etc all coming out and saying it. That's why Disney World, Vegas, bubble city, whatever has come up as ideas. This one makes the most sense though. They've played enough games to just move to the playoffs.

Does it suck for teams trying to make moves or getting hot late? Yep. Absolutely. But I will do anything to watch basketball on my TV again. I'm not talking old school games either. I'm sick of listening to true olds scream about how MJ would average 50 points today and how no one understands 80s basketball. 

I will say it is important that he used the words 'expects' to happen. That means there has to be at least some sort of conversation about this happening. But give me this: 

Eastern Conference - 7. Brooklyn Nets vs 10. Charlotte Hornets and 8. Orlando Magic vs 9. Washington Wizards

Western Conference - 7. Dallas Mavericks vs 10. New Orleans Pelicans and 8. Memphis Grizzlies vs No. 9 Portland Trail Blazers

Hell yeah. Ja vs Dame. Zion vs Luka. Kyrie vs, well, Charlotte is a city. Slap those 4 on the same day starting at noon. We deserve it. Please just make it happen.