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Of Course The KBO Baseball Season On ESPN Started Off With a Rain Delay Because We're Not Allowed To Have Any Fun Whatsoever In 2020

HAHAHAH! You truly cannot make this shit up. We're all up at 1am like complete idiots waiting for South Korean baseball to grace our televisions because it's the closest thing we've got to live sports in America. This is what we've resorted to. Earlier today I pledged my allegiance to the NC Dinos and was actually stoked to watch them begin their quest for the title against the Samsung Lions. Karl Ravech and Eduardo Perez appeared on the TV from their homes just after SVP went off the air what do we find out? 


We've got a fucking rain delay of all things to start this shit. 2020 truly just hates all of us. There is no fun allowed. I audibly laughed out loud when they showed the puddles forming. I mean of course there's a rain delay. Now that I think about it I'm shocked a typhoon didn't form nearby wiping out everyone that had a hand in putting this game together. Kind of a soft move by 2020. Maybe he's lightening up on us? 

This year is just make believe. We're actually not allowed to enjoy a single thing. I realize the tarp Is coming off the field as I'm finishing the blog but it still was the ultimate visual to start this thing off. Picture perfect. Fuck us right?

Shout out to Ravech and Perez for doing this from their own homes this late at night. These guys are completely out of their comfort zones and now they've got to stall with a fucking rain delay to start. God bless. Thank God Eric Thames was willing to hop on for 20+ minutes and hang so they can pass the time.