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Cedric The Entertainer Talks About His Gambling Outing With MJ and Charles Barkley

"Does it matter?"

Every new story I hear about Michael Jordan makes me like him more. Even the ones that might make him seem unlikable to most people make him cooler in my eyes. This guy does absolutely whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants to do it and everybody around him just accepts it because he's Michael Fucking Jordan.

I can only imagine being in a casino with MJ and watching what that must be like for him. Because he has the same expectation of winning that he does on the court. Except on the court, he controls the outcome. In a casino, he has unfathomable amounts of money on the line and no way to determine what happens. I would be fascinated to watch that play out.

Jordan's line on gambling is one of my favorite things I've ever heard. And while it's obviously an excuse — he has more money than God, so who really cares anyway — I'm sure to a large extent, it's true. What made him arguably the greatest athlete ever was his inability to ever turn it off. He doesn't know how to do something that doesn't have a winner and a loser — and he expects to be the winner every single time.

A gambling trip with Jordan and Charles Barkley has to be one of the coolest experiences anyone could ever have. That's a story that any person will always want to hear.