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How Well Do You Know The Barstool Employees Part 1:

I played this game at Thanksgiving one year where everyone in the family had to write a fact about them selves that nobody would know. It led to my grandma saying she would sneak out of the house and go on trips with my Grandpa when she was younger. So I decided that I wanted t ask just a few Barstool Bloggers what there fact was and now it is your turn to guess whose fact is whose. 

                                                       This was Stunning. 

                                                       This one makes total sense 

                                                         Brown Nose 

                                                           Have You ever heard of Hot Chocolate 

                                                             Sick Birthday 

                                                            Where do you even get a harp 

                                                                Now this is Beautiful 

                                                             This is the coolest one by far. We have a damn speed demon on staff 

First and foremost lets give e credit for kind of formatting this blog in someway. Now lets get into who is who. 

Back to Back Chubbiest baby:  was in fact not Trent Ryan but Jeff D Lowe. That sucker was a chubby bastard and I will not shame him because I was born 10lbs. I need to know the prize/who is proud to put their fat child in a competiton. 

Taking A poop in the Building JFK got shot in: Tommy Smokes is the one who took a rat at a dead mans worst day. If you didn't get this then you don't know Tommy because he lives for these types of moments. Has to make his mark on History. Literally

Perfect Attendance In High School: Brown nose balls. Glenny Balls had perfect attendance and I don't know why anyone would want this. You always need to make room for excuses if you suck in school. If I didn't miss a day of school and started faiing classes I have no excuses. When I was caught plagiarizing in College I got out of it because I said I missed the class where you went over Plagiarizing and didn't know I couldn't do that. 

Hates Hot Beverages: Rico Bosco is the person who hates hot beverages. I don't hate this because I don't drink coffee and I mean what else is hot. I don't drink hot chocolate enough to be upset with this so I'll let Rico slide on this. I don't like drinking anything where my mouth is in danger of 3rd degree burn. 

Had His Birthday in Harrison Fords NYC Penthouse: What? This is Eric Hubbs he there while you are cutting the cake and eating Pizza? Is he the mascot for the party if so I am all in. This just proves Hubbs doesn't live life correctly. 

Played Harp most of Life: Kayce Smith Everybody. I don't care if she was the best harp player in the world this is an instrument that nobody really knows how to find and is annoyed by it because who picks to play this. I picked the Trombone in the 4th grade because it looked easy. Turns out its not easy and they asked me to fake play in the school concert. 

Performed Oops I did it again at their 5th grade talent show: This one is suprising but makes me love him even more. This is Carrabis. Talk about a guy that has talent, you have to has some gastanyas to go up there and sing that at a talent show. Unreal song and I would pay good money to see him do this now. 

Ran the bases against the mascot at Little League World Series: That fast little bastard is Robbie Fox. I had the audacity to ask if he beat that fat mascot and he said what do you think. Thats a lot of speed at that age and this is my favorite fun fact about anyone. Robbie is best friends with Dana White and I still think this is so much cooler. 

Part two will be coming soon and I will give a fact about myself as well. Some weird bastards at this company but I love em.