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Quarantine Life Doesn't Seem So Bad When It Consists Of Having A Fake Prom Night With Olivia Culpo

We're in week 8 or some shit of that of quarantine life. I get that we're all going crazy. We're all trying to find different ways to reset the mental clock and find new shit to get us through another week. That said, if you told me 'hey let's do a fake prom' I'd say you suck. It sounds miserable. I wanted to have that thought process looking at this and when I first saw the tweet/headline/IG pictures. 

But then I remembered it's Olivia Culpo. Let me repeat. It's Olivia Culpo. Let me use some references here to say why it's okay to do a fake prom with Olivia Culpo 

Wait, what was this blog about again - as if you're reading this. Oh, right, fake prom. Are you kidding me? This is the fastest yes to do a fake prom with Olivia Culpo. But I need the full experience. I need to be nervously trying to sneak alcohol. I need to be nervous about trying to make a move. 

Christian McCaffrey cashing in a massive contract extension in the offseason and he just won it with a fake prom. What an unreal life this guy is having.