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Feel Good Monday: Watch This Dad Celebrate His Kid's First Dinger

There are a lot of moments that you can miss in your kid's life during the hustle and bustle of life as you try to provide for them. First steps, first words, first dance. Listen to a Cat Stevens song if you want more examples because there are plenty. 

But I am so thrilled that this dad could be there for his son's first bomb that may have been missed due to a business trip or a meeting that ran late. Not just because he got to witness his son hit a YABO to the deepest part of the ballpark, but because he got to witness his son stare the ball down for 2 full seconds after it sailed over the fence

Flip his bat to Neptune

And end his home run trot with an over the top celebration

Ronny Acuna Jr. himself couldn't have executed all that as well as this kid. Granted, Acuna would have had a baseball and/or Brian McCann in his ear when crossing home plate. But by the time this kid's old enough to play in the Majors, baseball will probably embrace this type of fun while all the dinosaur sports writers that get mad about that type of shit will either be in a retirement home or a pine box 6 feet deep. Have yourself a day, little man. And you too pops for not only being there for the first long ball but for not telling your kid to get back in the box before putting one in his back like Goose Gossage probably would've done.