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Oh You Just HATE To See Louisville Hoops Be Accused Of Cheating With A Level I And Three Level II Violations

I'll be honest I do hate seeing Louisville get hit with this. Why? Because I hate the NCAA and I want Louisville to finally compete with Kentucky. If they couldn't beat Kentucky while they were *allegedly* cheating when will they? It's becoming boring watching John Calipari kick Louisville's ass year after year after year. 11-2 vs Louisville! That's not a rivalry, that's an ass kicking. 

So what's going on with these notice of allegations? This is all stemming from the FBI investigation and their *alleged* payments to Brian Bowen's family. Yes, that investigation from years ago. These aren't 'new' allegations, but we just know what the NCAA is going at Louisville for officially now. We also know the severity of the allegations based on NCAA violation rankings. 

I'll say this Louisville is going down fighting. They are claiming that the fact they got rid of Pitino and company did the trick and they shouldn't be punished nearly as much. But the fact is they were already on probation when these allegations took place. That's why the NCAA is going to unleash hell on Louisville, no matter what they say: 

On the flip side here's where these programs have a chance to fight back like Louisville claims it is. The whole fight - because the NCAA is stupid - is they are labeling Adidas as a booster. I hate how stupid the NCAA is and how long this is all taking. It's absurd we're still talking about this FBI investigation. I wasn't even full time when this all broke. 

Remember, Louisville rolled over the first time. They fired Pitino, Jurich and took down the banners, etc. But then they saw UNC fight like hell after the fake classes and pretty much told the NCAA to go fuck off. They won because of that. You think that pissed Louisville off? That's why they are going to fight like hell here. 

As a fan of a team running a clean program, it's just a shame to see a rival like this try to cheat. I want a fair and balanced playing field and I'm worried about Louisville. How are they supposed to compete now? 

PS: Pray for Pitino. We can't have him back in college basketball and then gone before he even coaches a game.