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A Physician's Assistant Is Stressless After Going Topless In Times Square

NY POST - A medical worker de-stressed — and disrobed — in a piece of street performance art in Times Square on Monday morning.

“I’ve been working for six weeks and I’ve seen a lot of death, so I wanted to mix art and costumes to relieve my tension... I did it to relieve some stress,” she said, asking that her identity be shielded more than her chest.

The woman said she works as a physician’s assistant in a New York City hospital.

Listen, we all relieve stress our own way. Some people take baths, some meditate, others go for long runs. And now, more than ever, it's important we do whatever we need to do to unwind and be in a good headspace. If your usual go-to just isn't cutting it during these extreme times, maybe you should consider taking extreme de-stress measures? 

Take this PA, for example, she's dealing with much more day-to-day trauma than the vast majority of us are. She's not reading about the COVID-19 deaths on the internet; she's seeing it every day with her two own eyes. You think a warm tub soak is going to melt the tension away? Absolutely not. In order to take all that stress off her chest, she has to literally take everything off her chest. And maybe throw in a little knife-to-the-stomach action and top it all off with a cat mask and killer boots. Whatever it takes. 

The reality is, she's not doing it for herself; she's doing it for us, for anymore who may end up under her care in the hospital. She can't be the best physician's assistant she can be while under such immense stress, so she's doing what needs to be done to help others. 

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear almost nothing at all.