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Recommended: Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia (Live At Milton Keynes National Bowl)

Here's my absolute FAVORITE performance of one of my favorite songs for my 'Recommended:' blog on this beautiful Monday afternoon.

It's Green Day performing 'Jesus of Suburbia' to over 130,000 people in the United Kingdom on the 'American Idiot' tour - recorded LIVE for the band's 'Bullet In A Bible' CD - which is probably the most played piece of music I had as a kid. Seriously, I just couldn't take this shit off repeat as a six-year-old, singing my little lungs out about alcohol and cigarettes and Mary Jane and doin' someone else's cocaine. It's a miracle I turned out as (sort've) okay as I did. For real.

This is also my personal dream song for Pup Punk to cover. Maybe we'll make that happen post-quarantine! 

Check out this little shredder rocking the shit outta 'Jesus of Suburbia' back in 09...