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Jack Mac and Brandon Walker vs. Vol Twitter Is the Best Rivalry in Sports Right Now

As anyone who follows college football is undoubtedly aware, Tennessee had a historic run of success on the recruiting trail this past week. The Vols landed a handful of 4- and 5-star prospects that have the Vols currently sitting at No. 3 in the 2021 class rankings, with supposedly more on the way. Tt's been an undeniably impressive run.

But that, of course, brings out all the people like Brandon Walker who say recruiting means nothing and it's to be disregarded, despite the fact that only once since 1996 has a team won a national championship without two top 10 classes in the four years prior to winning the title. Recruiting is the most important thing a college football program does.

Brandon has a vendetta against Tennessee because he remembers when the Vols ran the SEC and is terrified of it happening again, so I have no problem with Vol Twitter giving it right back to him — although I will disavow anyone sending Brandon any sort of hateful or derogatory messages. We don't need all that. Keep it funny.

Jack Mac has also gotten in on the fun, ribbing Tennessee fans about paying players and this, that and the other. This has obviously put me in a precarious position, as I'm caught in no-man's-land, here. I have tried to calm the masses of Vol Twitter, telling them Jack is a good guy who is just poking a little fun, but every time I say that, he goes one step further.

So now the Monday morning news cycle in Knoxville is all about Jack Mac once they're done discussing the recruiting news — you can hear Jack discussed at around the 15:00 mark of that Periscope quoted in the above tweet. It could be genius on his part, gaining the attention of the most passionate fanbase in the country. Or it could backfire tremendously in a fight I don't want to see happen.

I love Jack and I love my fellow VFLs. But if this continues, I am going to have to make a choice — and I will be forced to take up arms against my pal in the name of Vol Nation. I don't want to have to do that, but I will do what needs to be done.