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Who Says Iggy Can't Rap? This Vine Right Here Says Iggy Can't Rap

via vulture




Ummmmm what now?  What the hell was that?  I didn’t catch a single word of it.  Kinda feels like she’s speaking the language the people in The Sims speak.  Just complete gibberish.  There’s been a debating going on for quite a while now about whether Iggy is ruining rap/can even rap.  I don’t even know what that means.  As long as her ass keeps showing up alongside her, I’m cool.  But that right there?  That gives the people who think she can’t rap more ammunition than they need.  Because that…..that was something else.  It’s one thing to rap super duper fast and sound awesome.  Twista made a career doing that.  It’s another thing to rap super duper fast and have the words of an unknown language come spouting outta your mouth.


PS- One of the more hilarious Vines of all time though.