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There's A Plan For The Premier League To Finish Its Season In Australia ... I'm Sorry, What?!?

I'm sorry, let's run through this idea that came to light over the weekend quick. The Premier League, which takes place in England, is talking about finishing its season in Australia. Now, just to be clear - Australia isn't close to England. In fact there's even a debate about Australia being a real place right now. 

This idea was pretty much started by an agent named Gary Williams and backed by Gary Neville. There's an 8-step plan laid out to The Sun here: 

  • Fly all 20 squads to Perth. Airlines would be delighted with the custom and are available.
  • Base them in their own hotels, with facilities, and isolate for up to a fortnight if they have to. Perth is currently in tourist ‘off season’ anyway.
  • Play games at several top venues in the city, behind closed doors or even with a limited number of local fans.
  • Slash the number of medical tests needed, possibly only two in total rather than the proposed twice a week.
  • Remove the need for police to control closed venues in England when the games are played.
  • End concerns about travel arrangements and hotel stays. The clubs would use the same bases, close to grounds, for the duration.
  • Allow families to travel over towards the end of the campaign to give them a much-needed break in a safe environment.
  • Easy for TV coverage, with various kick-off times to suit English schedules.

Now I'm not an expert here, but that plan actually sounds .... fine? Again, I don't know how they'll make it work playing in Australia and in fact I'd put it near 0%. But the plan actually sounds legit. Airlines will be delighted! That's the laugh out loud funny part of this here. But essentially this is the extreme version of what we've heard with the NBA. Put them essentially in a bubble area and limit every sort of contact. Just instead of going to Disney World, they are going to Australia. 

I've said it before, but I'm all for these sort of ideas. Start throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks. See if the spaghetti is done. I'm ready for sports to be back. Yes, I understand we need everyone to be safe and healthy, that doesn't need to be said. But you're lying if you're not ready for sports to return. There's not nearly enough on TV now to excite me. 

Australia, let's get weird.