The Halakness Monster Jaro Halak Gets 1 Year $2.25 Million Dollar Extension From The Bruins

One of the NHL's best goaltending duos will be back for another year next year, the B's announced Jaro Halak has signed a 1 year $2.25 million dollar extension on Friday afternoon. It's essentially a $3.25 million deal with bonus incentives (if he plays 10 games or more). Truly is a great deal for both sides. Halak helps push Rask while playing meaningful games to keep him healthy for a postseason run (when there isn't a pandemic), and Halak is taking a tiny pay cut to stay in Boston. He's been one of Don Sweeney's best free agent pick ups. Obviously we don't know if and when hockey will return but at least the B's have security in net. Fuck, I really miss hockey.