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Best Sit-Down Chain Restaurant Bracket (Championship VOTING OPEN)

The Championship is here. Chili's. Outback Steakhouse. Winner take all.

Who is going to take home the crown?

It all comes down to this, two heavy-weight titans in the food industry. When it comes to staples, 1-seed Chili's is essentially the poster boy for the sit-down chain restaurant world. Meanwhile, 2-seed Outback Steakhouse is as strong as a 2-seed can possibly get. Both have walked through the bracket with relative ease, but I think the appetizers and bread is going to lift my favorite chain, Outback Steakhouse, over the top.

Sometimes you just have to believe. Go Outback, go.

My Picks: 2-seed Outback Steakhouse
My Predictions: 2-seed Outback Steakhouse
Final Four Upset Pick: 2-seed Outback Steakhouse 

Thanks everyone for voting! Happy eating.