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We Need The Full Dream Team Monte Carlo Scrimmage To Be Aired Because There Has Never Been A Better Game In The History Of Basketball

I'll be honest, this is what I'm most fascinated with when it comes to just Jordan's basketball career. It's also a heavy part of tonight's The Last Dance episode. I know it's been talked about before and at-length, but this Dream Team Monte Carlo scrimmage is the best game in the history of basketball. You could argue the Redeem Team was better, but in terms of level of competition with this sort of talent on the floor, there's been nothing like it. The Redeem Team didn't have this sort of scrimmage that is still being talked about 28 years later. 28 years! 

Think about this game. You had Magic, Mullin, Laettner, Barkley and David Robinson vs MJ, Ewing, Malone, Bird and Pippen. That's fucking outrageous, even with Stockton/Drexler being injured. You had Magic and Barkley talking shit to MJ, getting a lead and then MJ, doing what MJ does. Taking over the game because his competitive drive kicked in way too much. 

But when you think about this game in terms of being in Monte Carlo, no fans, in this high school looking gym, it's perfect. That's basketball, man. Anyone who has ever played the game goes back to when they begin and those closed practices/scrimmages. This, obviously multiplied by a billion - nay, a zillion, is pure basketball. That's the shit that I love. 

Shit, you could talk about just the time in Monte Carlo with the gambling and all the bullshitting back and forth between the teammates, but I want to watch this full game. I'm still shocked they filmed this at all. It just feels like one of those things that lives in folklore. It's like the Wilt 100 point game. It happened, but it's all through word of mouth. The fact that we haven't gotten the ENTIRE game leaked is bullshit. Put this on this week. Why not? 

PS: I'll never get over Christian fucking Laettner on this team. Just hilarious, even with guys like MJ saying 'Kukoc played against the 11 best players in the NBA.' Couldn't even throw him a bone.