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"He's Like My Big Brother" - Kobe Bryant's Interview Got Us Started And It Was Heavy As Hell

Yup, just like I expected that was heavy as shit to see. What a way to kick off episode five. They wasted no time with the tribute to Kobe to start and then right into the 1998 All Star game. Pretty awesome to see Jordan talking about Kobe before he ya know...became KOBE. Hopefully he got to see that footage because at the time Kobe was still sort of an unknown, but Jordan knew. 

Just like I said this morning, the whole thing still doesn't feel real. That's all I kept saying to myself as I watched that segment. It's crazy Kobe isn't around to see this. The closest thing we have to MJ both in terms of skill and attitude. Without Jordan there is no Kobe, he said it himself. The crazy thing is it seems like Jordan considered Kobe to be someone worthy of his level. They formed a real bond because it was like they were part of this secret club in terms of being basketball psychos. 

Hearing that interview and then Jordan call him his "little brother" at his memorial service got me in my feels. Can't deny that