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Get Ready For Tonight's 'The Last Dance' By Watching Charles Barkley Not Give A Damn About Angola

We all know tonight we get to see some of the Dream Team on The Last Dance. Yeah, yeah, we're all excited about it. But in order to fully be ready for tonight's episode feel like you need to rewatch Charles Barkley not give a damn about Angola. 

One of the all-time quotes. Not only one of the all-time quotes, but the dude went ahead and elbowed someone squarely in the dome. Chuck is one of the forgotten greats from the Dream Team, as crazy as it sounds. Everyone talks about MJ, Magic and Larry. People bring up the bigs in Patrick Ewing and David Robinson. But Barkley was the one who led the team in scoring. 

I've said it before, but it's a bit crazy how there are young people out there (get off my lawn) that have no idea just how good Barkley was. They just know him as the goofy guy on TNT always fighting with Shaq. They have no idea how much of a unicorn he was back in the day and won NBA MVP. What a quote.