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Seeing Kobe Bryant's Interview Tonight Is Definitely Going To Pull At The Heartstrings

Ever since that promo first dropped on Christmas and we got that split second of Kobe you knew this was going to be a badass documentary. Then about a month later, tragedy struck. As awesome as the first four episodes of The Last Dance have been, I've wondered when we were finally going to get Kobe's episode and it appears that's coming tonight. I'm already mentally preparing for how it's going to feel seeing him on screen talking about his idol. There's a saying that they were different animals but the same beast and I can't help but agree. 

Even though it's been over four months, Kobe's sudden passing still doesn't feel real. You saw how much Kobe meant to Jordan during his speech at Kobe's memorial service and my guess is the feeling was mutual. One of the coolest things I've ever seen between these two was their back and forth in the 2003 All Star Game

I think what's crazy is it doesn't matter what team you're a fan of, Kobe's passing hit everyone. Shit, I've hated the Lakers every day of my entire life and for the first time ever a celebrity death actually messed me up. He's not the first celebrity to tragically pass but he was definitely the first one that gutted me to my core. It's going to be really weird to see him on TV tonight and then remember he's gone. 

Every episode of this series is already a "must watch", but that is even more true tonight. I think it's safe to say things are going to get fairly emotional while the entire internet watches this together. See everyone there.