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RA's Late Saturday Night Rear-commendation Is TOUGH GUY: THE BOB PROBERT STORY

Bob Probert was arguably the toughest guy in NHL history. Big, fierce, and ornery, Probert instilled fear in opponents unlike any player I saw before or since. He seldom lost a fight and fought anyone. He had no problem wearing the Black Hat. He was a walking, talking, and scoring example of how and why enforcers were essential to a team. 

But eventually off the ice, his life was a mess. Booze. Coke. Mayhem. Arrests. Public humiliation. Coke. You'd pull for him and it would happen again. It was sad to see. And make no mistake, this doc is sad. But it's much more than the bad stuff. 

The movie gives Probert the full treatment so we see the funny, beloved teammate as well. His exploits on the ice. What he meant to the guys in the room. TOUGH GUY is an excellent portrait of a complex, loving, addicted athlete who you find incredible empathy for. The doc contains some truly intimate interviews with Probert's immediate family that give the movie an additional level of gravitas. There was nobody quite like Bob Probert. A-

If you were around for Probie, you'll learn a ton about the man. If you have no clue about him, then you'll immediately be pulled into his story. Enjoy TOUGH GUY: THE BOB PROBERT STORY. It's currently streaming on Prime.